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Code of Conduct.

The IxDA seeks to advance the discipline of interaction design by fostering a community of passionate individuals dedicated to moving our mission forward.

Our mission is broad and inclusive, and our membership is passionate and diverse. While these attributes make the IxDA a strong and vibrant organization, they also bring the possibility of disagreement and cultural disconnect. As a volunteer-led organization we rely on the active participation of our community, which can only happen if all of our members feel safe and respected.

To achieve this goal, the IxDA respectfully asks the following of our membership, both for online and in-person interactions under our brand:

  • To be considerate and respectful of other cultures, backgrounds and perspectives
  • To maintain a professional manner and refrain from harassment or exclusionary behavior toward other members
  • To endeavor to resolve misunderstandings directly, through open dialogue and respectful feedback
  • To notify the organizers or moderators if you feel you have experienced harassment or have witnessed the harassment of others.

If a disagreement, harassment or uncomfortable situation persists, the IxDA is committed to providing support and resolution. In a physical setting such as a conference or local event, contact the organizers immediately. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. Additionally, our online forums have moderators who can take action on members creating a hostile environment for others. Consequences can include removal from the forum and suspension of the member’s IxDA account. We welcome you to contact IxDA leadership at any time to report an issue or to give feedback on our efforts to create a welcoming and respectful environment for all.

What People Are Saying
  • Herzlichen Dank für die Orga und das motivierende, inspirierende Event mit köstlichem Catering! Mir fällt nichts ein was man verbessern sollte.

  • The whole event was great. The planning was great, the food was delicious, the university location fits completely the „barcamp style“.

  • Thank you to you for the hosting and the great event organization.

Let’s Work Together.

Barcamps are a collective activity / achievement. So there are various possibilities to get involved into the UXCamp Switzerland. Besides a session or to motivate other to hold a speech – we are thankful to become the following support.

Sponsoring, catering and volunteers work
UXCamp is a non-profit event, organised and realised by volunteers. Location, conference material costs and the conference itself will be financed by sponsoring. If you decide to become a sponsor of the UXCamp your Logo / Brand will be present to the leading heads of the community. Within the conferences public space, promotion material and posters can be displayed. Your logo and website url will be shown on the UXCamps website as well.

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